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Driving the next generation of emails with $EMAIL token

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Introducing the Email 5 token

We're excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Email 5 token ($EMAIL), a key component of our innovative platform designed to enhance your email experience and reduce costs for sending emails. This new token represents a significant step forward in integrating blockchain technology with everyday email services. Here’s everything you need to know about our new token and its unique features.

Introducing the Email 5 token

Fueling the Platform

What is the $EMAIL token?

The Email 5 token ($EMAIL) is a Solana-based token that will complement our system and be used to enhance our platform’s operations. Using Solana blockchain technology, Email 5 tokens ensure that all transactions and activities are secure and tamper-proof.

Users can exchange the tokens to send email marketing campaigns, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for businesses. They can also be used to purchase products, premium services, and additional storage, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

What is the $EMAIL Token?

Tokenomics Overview

The total supply of Email 5 tokens is set at 1 billion tokens.

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $EMAIL tokens.
  • Listing Price: $0.02572 per token.

Allocation Breakdown

Below is a detailed breakdown of the token allocation and issue price at different stages:

  • Seed (Token Warrant) Allocation: 15%
  • Seed (Token Warrant) Issue Price: $0.008
  • Private Sale Allocation: 10%
  • Private Sale Issue Price: $0.015
  • Public Sale TGE (Token Generation Event) Allocation: 5%
  • Public Sale TGE (Token Generation Event) Issue Price: $0.02572
$EMAIL Token: Tokenomics Overview

How to Get Email 5 tokens

Users will be able to acquire tokens through several channels:

  • Seed and Private Sales: Early investors can purchase tokens at discounted rates during the seed and private sales. You can join our waiting list at
  • Public Sale TGE: Tokens will be available for purchase during the public sale at the listing price.
  • Incentivized Participation: Users can earn tokens by actively engaging in the Email 5 platform and getting rewards for sending HTML5 emails, referring new users, or selling templates in our upcoming marketplace.
  • Early Sign-Up Bonuses: Users who join the platform during the early adoption phase or participate in the initial token sale phases (Seed, Private Sale) can receive bonus tokens as a reward for their early support.
  • Beta Testing: Contribute to the development and refinement of the platform by participating in beta testing programs. Beta testers help identify bugs, provide feedback, and suggest improvements, earning tokens in return for their efforts.
How to Get Email 5 Tokens


The launch of the $EMAIL token marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize email services. By integrating Solana blockchain technology, we are providing our users with unparalleled security, privacy, and functionality. Whether you're a business looking to send large-scale email marketing campaigns or an individual seeking enhanced capabilities, the Email 5 token offers a robust solution. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can participate in the upcoming token sales and be a part of the future of email communication.