Redefining email for the modern life.

Decentralized Email built on Open Standards.
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A new era of mail services
Embrace a world of endless possibilities and say goodbye to the limitations of traditional email.
Email 5 uses a proprietary framework powered by web3 technology that processes emails similar to a web page.
Every communication becomes an opportunity to build your brand, showcase your products, and capture leads.

Email 5 Community

Stay up-to-date on the latest project developments.
Up to 25 GB to store all your messages end-to-end encrypted, adding a layer of security against hacking attempts and data breaches.
Send up to 500,000 emails for marketing campaigns at lower prices and with the highest privacy and security standards.
We plan to issue and sell 182 million Solana-based tokens via private rounds, public ICO rounds, and one IDO round to fund our project.


What are the benefits of registering on Email 5?
Traditional email accounts are vulnerable to hacking, spam, and data breaches due to their centralized nature. Email 5 offers a more secure, private, and efficient email experience by incorporating open standards, decentralization, and a comprehensive solution to all spam-related issues.
Does any email address support the HTML5 standard?
You automatically get HTML5 support by setting up your traditional email account on Email 5. For older clients, we'll send a compatible version of the message. However, by default, these platforms won't support videos and some specific features of Email 5.
Where can I learn more about email standards?
All information about open email standards will be available on the website, and anyone can contribute to their development.